Who Says You Can’t Clean Up A Barn?

Who Says You Can’t Clean Up A Barn?

Back in June, we did something I thought we would never do. We had a wedding right here on our homestead. In order to get the place presentable for such an occasion, it required lots of blood, sweat and tears. Well, maybe not so many tears. Those came later.  The barn has contained animals in it for the past 35 years.  Scraping, pressure washing, gravel dumping, painting. Well, you get the picture.



Then there was the decorating and planning. This was my job. Yes, I had to boss everyone else around with what needed to be done in the clean up aspect, but I didn’t do much of the labor. I had a vision, you see.  So, with much thought and attention, it started to take shape.  First there was the draping. Chandeliers and globe lights were hung. I had lots of help from the groom’s family here.

Then came my favorite part. The table setting.  I started back in March planting four foot long wooden planter boxes that I built and filled them up with many different succulents. The colors chosen were yellow and green with lace. Lots of lace. And burlap. Can’t forget the burlap! I collected all the necessary elements to create the perfect wedding atmosphere.

succulent planter box

Almost done. Just needs the glassware lighting of the candles and more chairs.

wedding table setting

This is the bridal table with the log center piece that was used for their engagement party. There were tapers used before, but I went with votives and moss.log with votive candleIt was a small occasion, but one doesn’t need 100s to celebrate a union of a man and a woman. We ate well and had pie for dessert. The dessert table was all me! I utilized the burlap, but added mega ruffle as a skirting. I LOVED it!

pie dessert table


Some other touches that were fun was a barrel of Baby’s Breath

barrel of baby's breath

But what really mattered was this


and this