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Out with the Old and in with the New


Grab a beverage, find a comfy chair, and catch up with what we have been doing. You can read it all here on our blog page

Out with the Old and in with the New

Ann Stoll

It’s amazing that when I’m not faced with a challenge of some sort, I tend to let things slide. Such is the case of this blog. Try as I might to keep a regular blogging schedule of even once a week, seems to slip off my radar. Is it because I don’t like to write? I don’t think so, since once an idea solidifies into my brain, it’s pretty easy for me to get it down on paper. Is that even a correct thing to say anymore? Getting something down on paper? What is it called now?

Could it be that I think you aren’t interested in anything I have to say? Maybe, but I know you are reading this blog, even if you don’t respond. Which by the way, I would LOVE it if you would comment. Whether it’s here or on Facebook, or wherever you see this pop up. No, I think my hesitations are based on wondering What you want to see and read. I want you to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and sit back and relax, then enjoy my post. Maybe you have a special time when you gather all your favorite bloggers posts and read them in one sitting. I hope I’m one of them.

What’s new here. Well lots of things are in the works for 2016. The first being a brand new website. I’m working on it right now and it’s very close to being done, or at least usable for you.  Why am I ditching the current site you ask? That’s an easy one, but long answer. I will try to be succinct. Here goes. This may surprise you. I’m technologically challenged. Yes. There it is. Surprised? I need a site that I’m not spending hours trying to fix problems and issues. I want a seamless and enjoyable buying experience for you. It should be easy, right? I think so. In this day and age, websites don’t need to be so complicated. So, with that, I have found what I think is a very good fit for me and you. Stay tuned!

Into the Forest Goat Milk Soap

Into the Forest Goat Milk Soap

Another new thing you will be seeing with your soap order, is new packaging. Our packaging is styling!  It’s professional and gorgeous. I can thank Ethan Pollard for that one. He’s the guy that has been working to bring Blossom’s Barn into the 21st century with a splash. I hope you love it as much as I do. Also, this allows our products to be more easily displayed on store shelves and be an eye catcher. Who says natural products need to look boring. Do you even notice all the natural soaps have brown packaging? Guilty here! Well no more. Natural is GORGEOUS!  No excuses. Until current stock is depleted, certain goat milk soaps are still available at the old prices.

New products will be eventually added. I’m currently formulating a new facial and skin care line for both men and women. Organic ingredients will be used, so clean beauty will be available. Our current products are very clean and many organic ingredients are being used. I want to get as green, clean, and organic as possible. Will we certify our products? Probably not. It’s really not worth all the paperwork. But anyone who would want to snoop around the shop at the certifications of the products we use, be my guest. Just keep in mind I will make you wear a ridiculous outfit to do it.

And finally, Blossom’s Barn is ready to go wholesale. If you are a stockist interested in seeing our beautiful products line your shelves, get in touch with me on our Contact Page  Let’s talk!