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It's Our 5th Birthday!

Ann Stoll

Special offer on February 5th ONLY!  Use the code BIRTHDAY#5 to receive free shipping!

Special offer on February 5th ONLY!  Use the code BIRTHDAY#5 to receive free shipping!

I can't believe it. Five years have gone by in a flash!  But what a long way we have come on this journey called being an entrepreneur. So many things have come and gone. So many changes have been made over the years. These changes have been good. Very good.

Our packaging continues to evolve into something, I think, pretty amazing. What a difference it makes to have a team working with you to improve your brand and keep you on track. Being a creative, it's very difficult for me to stay on track and not bunny trail off into the unknown. So it's good to have some people to be accountable to in order to keep my focus. I call it the shiny object syndrome. Enjoy the new photos and don't forget to grab one for yourself. The new soap boxes are real beauties.

We've gone through several website changes. I really hope you love our new platform and our new look.  We think it's important for you to be able to shop with ease and have it also be an enjoyable experience. Since this is a new platform, I must ask that you give us some time to really get to know all the bells and whistles. Do not be shy to tell us if something isn't working right. We aim to please. Every page will have a clean and updated look. Navigation has been simplified and easy to use. There is also a way to easily find the shopping cart. It should show up in the upper right-hand corner of your screen on a desk computer or at the bottom of your devices. Checking out is way easier, as well. Whew!!  No more Paypal, at least for now. You never leave our site and everything is super secure. Seamless. Perfect.

Finally, new formulations for our Goat Milk Soaps have been created. We brought in even more organic goodness, more skin-loving moisture, and also, a new bar (It's so new, it doesn't have it's own box, yet) called Detox Facial Bar. This bar is packed with extra goodies like, activated charcoal, green tea extract and bentonite clay, with a yummy blend of essential oils to tantalize the senses. These have been selling like hot cakes and I just happen to have a fresh batch ready to go, so get on over there and get your right now. 

What would a birthday be without a party? Here's my gift to you to celebrate. On February 5th only, use the code - BIRTHDAY#5 and receive free shipping on orders $40 or more. 

Thank you for being our valued customer and sticking with us through all of our changes.