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Ready, Set, and Go!


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Ready, Set, and Go!

Ann Stoll

It has officially begun. I'm back, doing the 30 Day Blogging Challenge that is hosted over at Indie Business Network Facebook group. I had so much fun last time I participated that I'm willing to subject myself again.  Last time, I missed the very first day. Why you ask? I was being rebellious and I wasn't going to do that because I was in the throes of my busy season. Excuses, excuses. Hollow, empty excuses. If I had just pulled up my big girl panties, and they are getting bigger every year, I would have made the entire challenge. Yup. I blew it by one day. One day!

Well not this time. If I miss a day, it will be due to a cause outside of my powers. I get to even throw in a whole weeks vacation with spotty wi-fi, just to make it more interesting. Let's hope I have cell service, because this website can be run from apps that Squarespace has provided. While I might not have word counting abilities, I sure can do other things while on the road. Technology is really amazing when it works properly. Let's hope that this will be the case!

So let this race begin. It is a long distance race. I will need encouragement. I will need to persevere. I will wonder why I ever did this to myself. Again. There are many others joining me. We are all in the same boat paddling to get to that 30 day finish line. Is there a big cash prize. Nope. A vacation prize. Nope. What's in it for us? If you know me, I love a challenge. A really good challenge that builds up and not tears down. One that encourages me to encourage others. It's not about me at all, really. While I will have to put forth much effort and planning, not to mention write about stuff you actually want to read about (I really don't want to be on here just jabbering away, like I am right now), I want to give you something to hope for, learn, or be encouraged over. I'm hoping I have something to say that will help you, make you smile, or even make you tear up, or better yet, convict you. 

Here are some blog posts you have to look forward to. How about learning how to make your own vanilla extract? I promise, you will never go back to that yucky store bought stuff again. Or how about the most influential people in my life. What's it like having gone from homeschooling and having kids around 24/7 to them being grown and doing their own thing. Then there's this growing pain of being in between scaling up your business. And anther idea is, the conflicts of being a travelling homebody. If you have ideas or things you would love to know about, like any arts of being a homesteader, homeschooling, gardening, running a business in my backyard, or do roosters really only crow in the dawns light, I'd love to write about it.

As always, please leave comments. I love feed back! I'm not sure is Squarespace cleaned up their act with regards to the black box that you may get when trying to leave a comment. Just click on the people icon and place your email and you should be able to post. It's very confusing.  In the past, the black box comes up as if you are a Squarespace client. Pretty silly, if you ask me. K.I.S.S. is what I'm all about. 

Hey, and if anyone knows how to find the word count on these sites, let me know!