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Growing Pains of Scaling Up

Ann Stoll

The unfinished workshop in the process of being put together when it was being built. Sorry about the bad panorama

The unfinished workshop in the process of being put together when it was being built. Sorry about the bad panorama

Well, I think I finally hit the wall. Business is picking up. Orders are coming in and my space and equipment are starting to not be efficient enough any longer. This is a good thing. My hubby built me a beautiful work space attached to my little storefront. It's painted my favorite color, purple. It has a really nice stainless steel double deep sink with sprayer nozzle and sideboards. I have stainless counters and shelves. It's beautiful. I love it. But I'm full up. Period. 

I'm having to entertain the thoughts of giving up my store space, since I really don't advertise any particular hours, nor do I get that much traffic. But it's so cute! Plus, I do host a Small Business Saturday each year with great success. What to do. What to do. I'm thinking the store is going to have to go. In will come stainless shelving to store our ingredients on, situated like a library. Not up against the wall, but perpendicular to the wall so I can get many in. I need drying racks, stock shelves and supply shelves. Yes, I think it's coming soon.

Today for the first time, I ran into the issue of having to mix in a 7 gallon bucket without the proper equipment. Let's say I don't want to have to do that again without a proper mixer. While you can buy a big honking commercial blender, I'm looking to go with a paint mixer on a drill to be able to get all the way down to the bottom of the bucket with ease. Today was also the first time ever, that I mixed a batch of soap by hand, using a grilling spatula! It was the longest stainless steel implement I could find! It was challenging, but it got the job done. Let's just say I'm tired.

I'm also running out of counter space room, but hopefully the new shelves will take care of some of this. I dislike having stuff all over my counters when I'm working. I love a clean slate when I start, but it's a mess when I'm done! Clean up is not my favorite part of my business. I love it when it's done, but boy does it take a bit to achieve after a mass project.

Growing pains are a good thing. They came a bit faster than I expected. This is what happens when you buckle down and get to work. Gone are the days of build it and they will come. It takes some hard work and many doors to knock on before they start to open. And they are starting to open. How cool is that?

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