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Ever Changing, Always Beautiful


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Ever Changing, Always Beautiful

Ann Stoll

Moving down here from the city has shown me that living on the flat lands can, in fact, be very beautiful.

The Beauty of the City

Living in the city has its beauty, too — all the lights of the different buildings (especially in Chicago) and how the sky scrapers are designed to flaunt their designers’ skills in light architecture. The skyline of Chicago is breathtaking during the day, but it really shines at night.

If you live near the water’s edge of Lake Michigan, you get the added bonus of witnessing God painting each new day as the sun rises over the horizon. But most people aren't that lucky. 

The Beauty of the Suburbs

Living in the suburbs, you have so many trees, apartments, and other buildings that block the view of both the sunrise and sunset. But, having so many trees is such a blessing! They take my breath away, especially in the fall when they exchange their greens for the flaming colors of Autumn.

The lawns are usually well-attended and bursting with flowers and gardens. These areas definitely have something to offer with regards to beauty. 

Living most of my life in the western suburbs, I grew accustomed to that type of beauty.

The occasional drive south of 80 puts you smack into the middle of corn-and-beans, beans-and-corn, and more corn, and more beans. It's boring and monotonous! In the winter, you are left with barren fields of soil.

It took me moving here, to this boring and monotonous area, to discover that it, too, has a beauty that is quite spectacular.  

The Beauty of the Flat Lands

In the morning, as I grab my first cup of coffee for the day, I get to witness the glory of the morning sunrise. Every. Single. Day.

I love how the sky bursts with colors I never dreamed existed. It's cool to see, as the seasons change, how the sun raises up at different points on the horizon.

Right now, it's more to the north of us. During the winter, it's to the south more. If we have a cloudy day or I sleep a tad too late and miss it, I’m really disappointed.

Since moving here, I have taken hundreds of photos of sunrises. Now I just need to obtain a camera that is capable of capturing the true colors of the sky. My phone does a great job; it lacks the pop and vibrancy of what I'm actually seeing.  

Sunsets are just as spectacular! Unfortunately, I tend to miss most of those because we have a tree line and our tiny town of Melvin is also in the way. We do get to see the pretty colors in the sky, though.  

Since we don't really have any light pollution here, the clear night sky is amazing. It's almost as if you could reach out and touch all the tiny pieces of glitter scattered across the sky. And meteor showers … they are AWESOME!

So, yes, I now believe that living on the flat lands is definitely beautiful!

The Beauty of Your Area

Do you live in the city, in the suburbs, or are you rural? Are you near water, mountains, or trees? I would love to hear what you find beautiful in the area where you live! Drop a comment below to let us know, or hop over to our Facebook page and start a conversation. We want to hear from you!