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It's Hot Out - I guess I'm still talking about it!

Ann Stoll

Never believe what Snapchat says the temp is outside. It lies. Like a rug. Hubby and I are taking a bit of a road trip this week, scouting out Arkansas. Today we landed in Petit Jean State Park. We are staying in the lodge and it's very nice. It has a lovely view as you can see below.

It's at least 100 degrees out at this moment. It's very difficult to appreciate the views when your baking on the rocks like one of the snakes that lay around. I wanted to come to Arkansas when it was at it's hottest. People get lured into moving to places when they visit in the winter, spring and fall. Never mind that you are cooked the rest of the year. You kind of put that aside and say "How bad can it be?" besides, as you get older you love the heat, right? If that is true, then I'm still 29 and holding. Yes, visit your desired retirement spot or place you dream of moving to at different points throughout the year and get a good taste of what it will be like. Are you willing to adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the new climate? I'm not convinced just yet. Hubby thinks that we'll get used to it after living there a bit. Again. Not convinced.

We waited to take a hike to the waterfall after dinner. It is about a 2 mile walk round trip. No problem, usually, I can walk 4 miles no problems. Yes, many rocks were in our way, and it was an uphill, no wait, downhill battle. I was forever listening for the horrible rattle of some nasty serpent that may live nearby. (I'm terrified of snakes, can you tell?) or a black bear or whatever else lived in the woods and wants to come out and play at dusk. We managed to hoof it pretty good, but safely, to get to the water fall. It was brisk and very warm. We took our quick photos of the falls (I didn't get any since my phone battery was done and I left it behind) and I was glad to have left it behind. We reached the designated spot on time and turned around and headed back. We had to stop many times, I thought I was going to throw up, to get my heart rate back in check. I'm really out of shape. We made it back to the lodge before dark. We sat on the rocks and looked at the view so we could "cool" down. It's good to have taken a shower. But it was HOT!

See, I lured you in with a pretty picture at the top and leave you with this! Our clothing was soaked. But all in all, it was a great hike, we got to see the falls, had a good workout, and now it's time for bed. Until tomorrow! Cheers!