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Toad Suck and other amusing places

Ann Stoll


While Arkansas is a beautiful place, it sure has it's fill of interesting town names. How about a town called Toad Suck. Toad Suck is located along the Arkansas River and had a ferry back in the 1800 for the postal service to get mail to Hot Springs. On the west side, a bar was built and the rough and tumble patrons would "suck on the bottle until they looked like toads" was how the name of this unincorporated town came to be. Of course there are other, non-interesting stories of how the name came to be, but why share those?  This town also has a Toad Suck Arts and Crafts festival every year along with a Toad Master and the Toadaly Awesome Drum and Kazoo band. What's not to love about this?

Another town we stumbled upon is the place called Flippin. Flippin is home of the Ranger brand bass boats and other industries. It is nicely located nestled in the Ozarks between Bull Shoals, Mountain View and Eureka Springs. So if fishing is your game, there is plenty to do. If you like to visit the artsy towns for shopping, you have that as well. It is home to about 1350 people. Try attaching Flippin at the front of another word, Flippin grocery, Flippin gas station, well, you get the idea. Try doing that with a straight face. History has it though, that one of the original names of this town was Goatville. Which do you think I would have chosen?

Finally, and by no means is this the last, but I must end somewhere, is the town called Goobertown. Goobertown is named after the humble peanut. It was established sometime before the Civil War, and veterans brought their families back and farmed peanuts in this area. Nowadays, the total population as of 2009 is...wait for it...40 people. A grocery store is still there and its most popular item is a t-shirt with the name Goobertown on it. There is not much written about this particular town, so fun stories are short coming.

I enjoyed our travels through this beautiful part of the country that is still not defiled by the hand of man. Many areas are left untouched. Pure clean air and crystal clear water. And silence.

What funny named towns have you seen on your travels. Let's hear about them!