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Josephine House

Ann Stoll

This photo was taken a couple of years ago

This photo was taken a couple of years ago

Many businesses have some sort of social good put into place, or an organization that they support. Blossom's Barn is no different. We are proud to help support the Josephine House, an orphanage that loves, houses, and serves children who have been left behind, abandoned, dumped by parents with addictions, or not able to be appropriately taken care of, due to severe medical needs. It's a small orphanage, keeping approximately 10-15 children at any given time.

This beautiful little orphanage is located in Cusco, Peru, South America, tucked up in the mountains. The Josephine House survives solely on donations. They also hold rummage sales to help supplement income.They are blessed with what they need and the medical needs of the children. Even in Peru, medical care requires money and many of these kids have severe medical needs. This past year, they were able to build new housing for the kids and nursemaids that help with the children.

The Josephine House is not suppose to be a permanent home for the children. The home parents are busy trying to find forever homes for these kids, or the parents have to go through rehabilitation of some sorts in order to get their kids back, if they were taken away. Many of the kids do get placed, even though much time is needed to find that forever home. Unfortunately, I would love to adopt a couple of these kids, but the international adoption process is pretty much not possible. Due to sex trafficking, international adoptions have been closed down from here.

Blossom's Barn offers a beautiful canvas bag with five random half bars of our soaps nestled inside. We donate 100% of the proceeds of this bag of soap, to the Josephine House. We don't usually talk about this project because we prefer to give in secret, but we need to let you know that this is available. So if you're looking for an unusual gift with a cool story, or something special and unique for yourself. we can fix you up. Help us to help them. You can get yours on our website right here

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If you want to see more pictures of the kids, you can find them on the Josephine House Facebook page