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A day at West Elm


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A day at West Elm

Ann Stoll

My set up in the front of the store

My set up in the front of the store

Today was a pretty exciting day for Blossom's Barn. I spent a good chunk of it in the front part of the store known as West Elm. This is a nationwide chain of 70+ stores, three of which are located in the Chicago area. today I was in the Skokie store. 

The reason I was there today, is because West Elm loves to support local makers to their stores. I did have to apply and I dutifully filled out four applications. Two asked me in for an interview. Both of them loved my products and have recommended me to corporate. 

When it goes to corporate, they will be contacting me to hammer out all the details that goes into working out the future collaboration of wholesaler/buyer. When all is said and done, all three stores in this area will be able to buy from me! This is a big deal to our little company. 

Now I must wait. My inderstanding is that this could take awhile to finalize. That's ok, I have plenty of work to keep me busy in the meantime.  

This is one big store-fish in a very large ocean of stores. The possibilities are endless! Keeping the nose to the grind stone and keeping everything cloaked in prayer is a good start, I'd say. I think of every accomplishment no matter what size it is, is a blessing. 

If you know of any nice boutiques or stores that our products are a good fit for, send your ideas along to me and I'll check into it.  

In the meantime, well just keep plugging along and wiser where this path takes us. It's pretty exciting and I'm thankful for the opportunities we are given.