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Annie Get Your Gun

Ann Stoll

Do you have any idea how many times I've heard that in my lifetime? Too many to mention. I was raised around firearms, so they are not a scary item to me. Although, when my kids were small, I didn't want any in the home. As my boys grew, it became increasingly evident, that it is ingrained in them to be intrigues with military arms or firearms. Believe me I tried to keep our home "gun free". They weren't allowed to watch any sort of violence on TV. No water guns allowed or anything that looked like a gun. What a joke. So even though my boys really weren't around any sort of guns, they still made them out of Tinker Toys, Legos, and just using their fingers. I gave up.

Instead of trying to keep them away from guns, we decided to allow them to learn about them and go to NRA summer camps, so they could learn to properly use firearms and be able to shoot all sorts of them. They learned to respect them and safely hold, carry and store. They even went small game hunting a couple of times and brought home some squirrel and pheasants. I needn't worry about them starving in their futures. They will be able to provide for their families, if need be in this fashion. It's only been done this way since forever. And it's healthier.

While I have never feared firearms, I also never really learned much about them. Well this weekend changed all of that. This lady here, went through the Conceal Carry course, all 16 hours of it, in order to apply for conceal carry in Illinois, if I should choose to apply for the permit. There is a lot to think about. A lot of responsibility that I never thought of. And let's just say, I'm not running out any time soon to send in my application. I need to pray about this.

As you can see, I'm not a bad shot! Part of the certification requires you to shoot thirty times, ten times each at three different locations. The shots are also not to be trick shots either. No smiley faces or continuing to shoot out the same hole. The teacher is suppose to be able to count all of the shots. I think all 30 of mine made the mark. Not bad for someone who hasn't used a firearm much, ok barely.

I'm not one to live in fear. I have God on my side and when my time comes, then so be it. But also, I believe we have a right to defend ourselves with force if the need arises. It was long days of learning, but I think overall, it was worth it, whether I choose to go through with obtaining the permit or not. Hey, at least I know I'm a decent shot.