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I Have Reached The End Of 30 Days!

Ann Stoll

Well, the end has finally come to the Blog Your Brand 30 Day Challenge. I made it. Just barely. So many times I wanted to quit, whether it was because I was tired, internet was horrible, no cell service, whatever excuse I could come up with, I over came. I hope you enjoyed a better look behind the scenes of our daily lives here on our homestead. Part of the rules of the Challenge was to not promote our products, at least not very often. So with that, I am shamelessly going to promote something that is new for us.

I'm super excited to tell you about how Blossom's Barn can now be obtained through hosting a Facebook Party. No need to get dressed and put pants on to go to someone's house. Pour a favorite beverage, get the jammies on and fire up your computer. All that is required from the host of the party is to be a cheerleader and invite all of your friends to do what you just did. Slip into something comfortable, pour a drink and let's have some fun! I do all the rest. 

There are always prizes to be won, hostess gifts of free stuff. Ya, who doesn't like free stuff? And I pad everyone's boxes with some extra special goodies, just on the the party night. So if you want to earn free stuff, have some fun, and all without really lifting a finger (okay, I guess you have to type, if you want), then contact me at and let's set up a date. I will then share with you the way to earn free product and extra credits. 

I know it's a bit early to even speak of this, but here it is. Start thinking about (Christmas) and please keep us in mind when picking out the perfect selections for your loved ones. We make great gifts for all occasions.