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Behind the Scenes of Our Body Butter


Grab a beverage, find a comfy chair, and catch up with what we have been doing. You can read it all here on our blog page

Behind the Scenes of Our Body Butter

Ann Stoll

Hey there! Welcome back! Yes, I know, it’s been along time since I’ve sat down and chatted with you here. One of the things that I’ve put on a list of goals for this year, especially the first half of the year, is to blog once a week. Yes. I can do this! I know you’ve seen me doing those blog challenges and I pray you didn’t get sick of my posting. I hoping once per week will be great for you and bring some wonderful content for you to digest and learn.

There will be a different theme each week and continue on this way for the four weeks of a month. There will be the occasion of that extra week and I may do something fun or not at all on those months where that happens. I look forward to meeting with you, right here, each week.

The Journey of Body Butter

I know I’ve got some big fans out there with regards to our Body Butter. Raise your hand if you received one of the fun sized, limited edition Peppermint Body Butter. Scrumptious, eh? That may become a Limited Edition Holiday scent, we’ll see.

Our Body Butter is jammed pack with organic goodness. Now is the time to stock up on this skin loving product. Full of cocoa butter, coconut oil, mango butter, jojoba oil and sweet almond oil. Our Body Butter has a delicious natural scent of just the ingredients.

First, all the butters and oils need to be scooped, poured and weighed. The butters get gently melted, while we mix the liquid oils.

Butter being melted

Butter being melted

After the butters are melted and all other ingredients are mixed together, we combine everything into the mixer bowl. We have to make so much of this product, that it’s almost about time to upgrade this piece of equipment, to something larger. Anyone know of a Hobart available?

The mixer is set on low so as to not have too much splashing and to allow the mixture to cool and blend well together.

Melted gold, right here! The shop smells amazing!

Melted gold, right here! The shop smells amazing!

This next part takes a bit of time. Mixing can take quite awhile as the mixture cools down, lightens up and eventually fluffs up, into Body Butter. Think - making whipped cream, only much slower. It’s during this time that clean up begins, jars are laid out, and the area is ready to fill jars when the mixture is ready.

As you can see, the mixture is changing color and consistency. Now it’s getting good!

As you can see, the mixture is changing color and consistency. Now it’s getting good!

When the mixture gets to a light creamy color, it’s almost done. It needs to get to the stiff peak stage, before being piped into the jars. Again, think whipped cream. The process is very similar, only it really does take a long time to get there. But this is my favorite part. I love watching the transition take place and how creamy and wonderful it looks.

When stiff peaks are accomplished, it’s time to pipe the Body Butter into the jars, label and send to you!

Almost there! This is still a bit soft.

Almost there! This is still a bit soft.

Piping into jars is fun! Makes us feel like chefs of some sort. But it’s the cleanest way to get the product into the jars.

Let’s talk briefly about the different ingredients. The benefits of Cocoa Butter is that it’s high in fatty acids, which is what helps to hydrate and nourish the skin and improve elasticity. The high fat content in Cocoa Butter creates a barrier to improve moisture content of the skin.

Mango Butter is deeply moisturizing and is very beneficial to dry and sensitive skin. It also has a high content of Vitamin A and because of this, it helps with fine lines.

Jojoba Oil helps to regulate our sebum and is very similar to our own sebum. Jojoba oil is soothing and moisturizing to the skin.

Sweet Almond oil is high in Vitamin E + A and is super nourishing to the skin. It, too has a great fatty acid profile to help with fine lines.

Coconut Oil. Do I really need to say anymore? Coconut oil is a super food for eating and for skincare.

Well, I hope you enjoyed our first Behind The Scenes at Blossom’s Barn. Let me know what you think of our Body Butter and if you received the Fun Size Peppermint, I’d love to hear about it.