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Our Balms Are Saying Good-bye!


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Our Balms Are Saying Good-bye!

Ann Stoll

But not for forever. They are just going into hibernation for the summer months. May 12th will be their last appearance on the website until October 1st.

Here’s why…

Our Face Balm is so delightful!

Our Face Balm is so delightful!

Every year, since their inception, I’ve struggled with shipping our anhydrous balms during the warmer months. It’s so important to me that you get a beautiful product that isn’t all melted. Those delivery vans get very hot and our balms can’t withstand such high temperatures. While the product is still good and effective, it’s just not as pretty and the texture is not the same when it’s melted.

These products also don’t like hot cars and warm situations. If you’re planning vacations in warmer climates this summer, leave your big jar at home and just take along a small jar containing what you think you might need for your trip. This way, if your travel size melts, you still have the rest saved at home.

Again, the product is fine, just changed in form.

Stock up on the Body Butter before it says good-bye for the summer!

Stock up on the Body Butter before it says good-bye for the summer!

Stock Up Before They Say Good-bye!

Face Balm and Body Butter can still be ordered until May 12th, so stock up now! I’m also still offering a free half slice of our new scent, Dreamy, which will hit the shelves soon. Stay tuned for that one. It’s…well… Dreamy!