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Refreshed, Encouraged, Revived!

Ann Stoll

All the lovely people that attended this intimate event. You are all an inspriation

All the lovely people that attended this intimate event. You are all an inspriation

This past weekend, I put all my responsibilities aside and took off for Nashville. I ran away, I did. What I was seeking couldn't be found around me. Let me tell you how many times I've witnessed eyes rolling into the back of heads when I actually begin to answer the questions of "So how's your business going?" or "What are you up to lately?"  In reality, nobody really wants to hear anything more than, "Fine. All's good." Well let's just say, I've lost track of how many times. Anyway, business owners need a place to go to spill their guts, let the ideas, failures, and wins fall out and into reality. We do tend to keep what we really do close to our hearts. Sometimes, okay, many times, it can get overwhelming. We need our own tribes to be able to sharpen each others iron, hone our skills, and see if we are on track. We also need accoutability with other like minds.

It was refreshing and inspiring to see some of my favorite ladies I follow and listen to, in person. These are business ladies that have taken a small idea and have grown it into big business for themselves and their families. It allows the rest of us to actually see, that with lots of hard work, motivation, and continuing know-how, that we can attain to those levels as well. Sometimes, it feels like forever that we stay small. But we don't have to. It's okay to dream big and then follow a laid out plan on how you will obtain that dream. 

At this meeting, I learned how to better plan my time. How to do the trudge every day in small bites. I forget to eat the elephant in small bites and instead look at the whole animal and get discouraged. Small bites. That's how you eat the elephant. I also learned many things about working social media and to better utilize it. Without it, a business is dead in the water these days. I learned that if I don't keep up, and that's hard to do, then I will be left in the dust. It's a necessary evil. Whether I like it or not, this is a case of keeping up with the Jones' and even surpassing them. Another thing I gained was what do I want my end game to look like. What is needed to exit the game. I think many don't think about this. I  know I didn't. Much to chew on. One final thing that is always glaring me in the face, is my elevator pitch. I have none. I'm posting is right here, that I will have this nailed down by the end of the month. There, it's in writing.

From left to right: Ann Marie from  Brambleberry , Donna Marie from  Indie Business Network , Lela from  Lucky Break Consulting , and Kayla from  Selah Press

From left to right: Ann Marie from Brambleberry, Donna Marie from Indie Business Network, Lela from Lucky Break Consulting, and Kayla from Selah Press

Listening to the wisdom of those who have gone before us was fantastic, but the best part was meeting new people and meeting in person people I've seen or "known" on social media for several years. Meeting in person finally is like catching up with an old friend you haven't seen in a while. We had tears of joy and frustration. High fives and wins. A new baby even came into the world on the second day! The mom lived locally, so no worries.

I left this conference feeling like I scaled a mountain. A mountain of hope, fear, and determination. I left feeling freshly encouraged and motivated. I was able to dump my brain only to get it filled up with fresh material. It was worth it. Every minute. Even with continuous helicopters keeping me up all night. It was worth it.

What do you do to recharge yourself? What keeps you fresh and motivated? I'd like to hear about what works for you.

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