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The Little Black Screen

Ann Stoll

I like blogging, when I actually I have something to say that I think you might enjoy reading. Today is a strange service announcement. It's okay, nothing to fear. It's all part of technology changing at the speed of light and this lady has a hard time keeping up, but I give it my best.

If you haven't noticed, we have a new website. This site is so much easier for me to maintain and keep fresh. The customer service of Squarespace is exceptional, especially since they have to deal with me on a regular basis and they are oh so patient and thorough. I still have more to do to finish the site, but it will get there. Anyway, on to the service announcement.

I LOVE getting comments from you. Really, I do. I LOVE them. But here's the rub. I have just learned that there are some of you having difficulty leaving a comment. I have seen for myself the issue, but it's resolvable and not as scary as it seems. I also do not have a way around it at the moment. I also think this is only occurring on phones, but I could be wrong. If you leave a comment and this black screen appears, do not fret. I have the answer. 

Tap on the icon in the circle. This will give you a place to insert your name. Then click submit.

Tap on the icon in the circle. This will give you a place to insert your name. Then click submit.

All you have to do it to tap on the icon in the red circle. This will take you to a different screen to put your name and such, just like any other blog page. This screen automatically pops up on some devices, but not all. It will only do this on my phone. My laptop and Kindle Fire HD go right to to the comment box and I can submit my comment directly. So the black screen might confuse you. Just click on the appropriate icon and you should be good to go. 

I have submitted a ticket to the development department of Squarespace to say that going to this screen is confusing and they should get rid of it. I'm all for easy-peasy comment leaving.

Please, don't let this screen throw you off. It's not scary or weird, just a bit confusing. Just follow my instructions. I really want to hear from you!!  I love getting mail!!